We could save huge amounts of money if we stop MP's claiming expenses and allowances.

They should not need 'second homes' if they live away from Westminster. All they need is a halls of residence style accomodation, or perhaps government flats. When they run for parliament in a far flung constituency they must realise there will be a need to commute and should be prepared to bear the cost.

Why is this idea important?

It's about time that my taxes were used for something better than lining some millionaire MP's pocket.

There must be a better way of accomodating MP's who have to commute without paying for them to rent or buy overpriced London property.

Why not put them up in tower blocks for a nominal rent. The rent would depend on the size of the flat they require. Pay no allowances for accomodation elsewhere.

No other expenses should allowable unless it is strictly on government business. If travel and accomodation is required on government business, then tickets and accomodation should be arranged and paid for by Westminster, not the individual MP. Then there would be no need for claims to be submitted. Flights should be economy class and hotels should be three star or less. These are the average for most travellers.

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