Ofsted are an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy and in the event do not have teeth.  Most of their reporting is covering their own backs with jargon, and simply puts a huge burden on all those who work with young children.  I have experience of complaining to Ofsted about a rather serious problem with a childcare provider, and they did not even investigate the situation I complained about – they just told me they investigate whether the provider has procedures in place for such a situation, they do not verify it a situation took place or not.  So this provider continues to operate because they filled a piece of paper in correctly for Ofsted.  This was a pointlese exercice.  It would have been much better if the LA had local control of monitorinig providers/schools etc. and could step in with more decisive actions where complaints are made.  And in the meantime everyone could be left to get on with their jobs without the threat of Ofsted inspections and the amout of paperwork that involves.

Why is this idea important?

It will free up schools to teach, rather than fill in paperwork for Ofsted inspections, and will ensure tighter procedures when complaints are made.  Investigating serious complaints should be about more than getting a provider to fill in a piece of paperwork.

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