Part P came out in 2005 and is a burden on qualified electricians, sole traders, electrical contractors and councils across the UK.  It is supposed to stop the cowboy electricians but has only made things worse.  Electricians need to be registered with a government approved body (£500 per year) and then notify Building Control everytime a specific electrical task has been carried out in a domestic property (at a cost of £1.50 to £3.00 a time).  For example:  Customer wants an extra socket in the kitchen.  Qualified electrician cannot do this unless he has paid £500 per year to NICEIC.  Electrician does job (1 hour).  Electrician gives customer electrical safety certificate.  Electrician notifies NICEIC.  They charge £1.50 + £1.50 warranty fee =£3.00.  NICEIC notify Building Control(!).  NICEIC send out additional certificate to customer.  The electrician is now responsible for that socket for 6 years.  All for a socket.  The next door neighbour does it for half (or quarter) price.  No certificates, no notifications, no need!

Why is this idea important?

it is pointless beauracratic nonsense which does not enhance the safety of the electrical work.  The cost of all the administration outweighs the cost of the job.

It was supposed to get rid of cowboys, but it actually has encouraged unqualified, inexperienced people taking a couple of exams without previous experience and calling themselves electricians – in effect it has made things worse

3 Replies to “Scrap Part P of the Building Regulations”

  1. To true,a complete money making scam,Scrap Part P as soon as possible, it just does not work, totally unfair extra expence for Sole traders with years of experience.

  2. Good Idea get rid of part p asap, replace with eicr on change of ownership and get the seller to pay for remedial works. That way it will encourage home owners to employ a qualified electrician to do installation work that is traceable and guaranteed.

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