Michael Gove's ill conceived plan to invite schools to become academies  has little to no support among education professionals.

Keep schools as they are, academies are an attempt at a 'quick-fix' solution rather than a wholesale re-evaluation of the education system. A headline grabbing nonsense with the added drawback of seriously deterioration work and pay condiditions for the proefessionals who work in schools.

Why is this idea important?

Our society relies upon the work of teaching and non teaching staff in schools and it is in society's interest to listen to what they say and overwhelmingly they say NO to academies. This government which claims to be open and for the people should listen.

Academy status will make teachers work longer hours, have less non contact time, fewer holidays and for less pay. This may seem to be appealing to those ill-informed people who think teachers get too many holidays and are overpaid but just rememebr that their children's futures and thus the future of the country are in the hands of these people The net result of academy status will be disenfranchised teachers who will cease all extra-curricular (social, cultural and sporting) activities, maybe even leave the profession to be replaced with less qualified replacements.

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