Prohibition of alcohol in the US was perhaps the most unsuccessful of their laws.

In the UK we have the equivalent  law in the prohibition of drugs; equally unsuccessful and equally pernicious in its generation of crime.

The well meant do-goodery which instigated these laws (and which stupidly still continues) has predictably backfired.

Controlled free release of impounded drugs could undermine the drug barons overnight, while long term licencing of  drug distribution and  parallel support and education  could bring the problem and its consequent crime within acceptable limits.

Perversely people will always take drugs and no one will stop it, but immense benefit will ensue from scrapping our snooty Victorian morality.

Why is this idea important?

A law which creates a crime culture, indeed a crime industry,  can hardly be of benefit  to society. Prohibition is costly at all levels and will never eliminate the human frailty which inclines people to take drugs.

The consequent crime would drop drastically as would prostitution to feed a costly habit.

Transparency is the vogue word today. While not condoning drug taking, measures to bring  distribution under the control of approved agencies would make clear the scale of the problem while bringing users within reach of assistance if they are moved to kick the habit

Cost alone is sufficient reason to dispense with these failed laws.

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