Statutory Instruments 2007 No. 2116 makes it mandatory for all FE and Sixth Form College teachers and lecturers to be members of either the Institure for Learning (IfL) or the General Teaching Council (GTC). As things stand, they must legally belong to one of these bodies. They cannot legally teach if they fail to comply. The GTC has already been abolished so much of the force of this piece of legislation has already been removed. Can I request that the legislation is completely scrapped so that nobody is legally forced to join the Institute for Learning (which still exists)? It is a deeply unpopular and unnecessary body that just lands teachers and lecturers with even more unnecessary red tape and does nothing to justify its existence. In addition, it costs the government approximately £5 million a year to subsidise and the government is currently committed to this subsidy until 2011.

Why is this idea important?

The Institute for Learning is a costly, wasteful, and unnecessary body that is deeply unpopular amongst teachers, trainers and lecturers and which seemingly does little or nothing to justify its existence. The government has already scrapped the General Teaching Council. It is surely time that the requirement to join the Institute for Learning was abolished too.

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  1. TOTALLY INSANE! Waste of Government Money i.e. taxpayers’ money. Serves no useful purpose.

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