Replace Road Tax with a penny a litre increase in fuel tax

Why is this idea important?

Remove criminalisation of motorists who cannot afford to pay a huge slab of road tax all at one go every few months, not to mention savings from not needing the massive administrative load at DVLA that the current system requires, the unfairness to the motorist who has to pay weeks of tax for a car that (s)he didn't even own at the time when buying a second hand car, the policing and the prosecution costs in enforcement.

An increase in fuel tax in place of road tax would ensure that those who have thirsty cars and who make a large amount of use of the road system would pay more, whereas those with small cars and who do a low mileage would pay less.

The present system is also unfair to those who have a classic car which they only use on highdays and holidays have to pay a large amount of road tax to keep.  The scrappage scheme has helped us all drive identical euroboxes, removal of road tax would help preserve our rich motoring heritage.

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