I'm not old. I'm too young to remember 'the good old days'. BUT I am old enough to remember when local authorities provided a decent refuse collection SERVICE.

In the 1960s, binmen went into people's back gardens, collected their dustbins, emptied them & put them back where they found them. By the Thatcher era, cutbacks meant they provide less of a service: they only collected bins & rubbish from FRONT gardens. By the time Gordon Brown was PM the bunch of shirkers & dossers known as binmen conveniently didn't even have to step over the threshhold  of our properties. Today if we want them to do what we pay them to do, when have to leave wheely bins & recycling boxes with their handles over the pavement. If we want these arrogant Prima-Donnas to empty them, we must make sure they don't contain 'the wrong kind of rubbish'. In some areas they only collect fortnightly.

If we comply with the rules that make their job easy, they 'graciously' take our rubbish & then totally ignore rules & laws that are too much like hard work to comply with, i.e. they leave the bins & boxes across pavements, parking bays etc..

Why don't we relieve these idle gits of their jobs & do what the French do (in rural as well as urban areas) & have COMMUNAL recycling bins?

Why is this idea important?

The Luddites & negative among us will argue "The disabled won't be able to get to communal bins". So they don't eat as they can't get to shops? No, get the people who get & make their food to do their rubbish & recycling!

My idea won't mean that many redundancies, as the communal bins will need emptying, maintaining, cleaning, disinfecting,etc..

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