scrap the single room rate on the housing benefit for private tennacies and replace it with full 1 bedroom rate

Why is this idea important?

the single room rate applies to under 25s who are single and live alone

the single room rate is so very low that a private tennacy is unrealistic and unaffordable even for a studio flat and even shared houses now this is very difficult for full time students and people with mild learning disabilties who might find getting a job more difficult than others would find it

the single room rate where i live is so low you would be paying £200 £300 extra just to hold up a tennacy which a lot of people could not afford

this drive's a lot of young people to desperation so they have a baby just to get the full one bedroom rate

also it is very unfair that this targets young people because a 21 year old ha the same living needs as a 25 year ol

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  1. Totally agree!!!!

    The goverment has this stupid idea that only unemployed/sick/scroungers/addicts who claim HB.
    Single people in full time work claim HB.

    Stop the abuse!!!

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