We are increasignly using technology to unemploy people, no more so than in the area of road safety. I propose that we replace the tens of thousands of speed camera's and issue people with hand-held speed camera's to do the job. You could quite comfortably take 100,000 people off the unemployment rolls allowing them on a self-employed basis to keep a percentage of fines. This would be a self-financing proposal (traffic monitors would have to repay the cost of the camera's) it would increase road safety and lower the burden on the NHS in short it would have a number of positive effects. Combined with more sensible speed limits and policies on motorways (not allowing trucks to overtake each other, 55mph max speed in left hand-lane 70mph in middle and 85mph in right-hand lane) we could potentially ease congestion too.

Why is this idea important?

There is an urgent need to come up with ideas that resolve a number of issues at once, this is one of them!

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