The SVA legilation, ensuring kit built or imported vehicles meet certain 'standards' over and above the current MOT legislation, and it's infrastructure should be scrapped.

Why is this idea important?

From personal experience most classic cars and a majority of current cars on the road cannot pass ths test.

The legislation is badly flawed – a 'Classic mini' or Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 can be driven on the road but a one professionally built from parts would have an enormous list of violations and have to be changed out of all recognition to be allowed on the road.

The test centres are fundamentally flawed – a test centre can give you a list of items to be changed, the same test centre but with a different tester can give you a totally different set on return, in many cases reversing the previous fail points

If you have the ability to build a car you have the skills to keep it more than roadworthy. The current legislation would crucify British sports car makers who started with kit cars, such as Morgan, Caterham, Lotus and Ginetta before they had even started and contributed to the economy. 

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