Scrap the licence fee because it is an unnecessary form of tax and it is not good value for money. The organisation has got too big and beyond the scope it was intended. The organisation is very left wing and continues news reporting with a heavy Labour bias contrary to its broadcasting policy. The fee should be scraped or severely reduced. BBC recently overspent £100 million pounds on a build and no one was held to account. If it can waste money on this scale it can afford to reduce the licence fee or seek commercial funding. The taxpayer cannot and should not be expected to fund bias broadcasting and act as a political wing of the Labour Party.

Why is this idea important?

The BBC has grown beyond its original remit of broadcasting and is continuing to expand and develop in to fields which should be the domain of commercial enterprise. The public should not be is expected to finance this at a time when every public organisation is expected to make savings. The organisation is not held truely acountable by the BBC Trust as was recently seen when it wasted £100 million pounds. It has an ever increasing bureaucracy laidened with non-jobs. Money that could be used for programme making. Commercial channels could not afford to operate in such a luxurious wasteful way. Time has come for the BBC to cut its licence fee or find commercial funding to operate as a business.

On a specific topic of abuse during the election campaign I could not believe the absolute bias towards the Labour Party, on occasion it was not even trying to be seen to be fair. I am not a political motivated person but I do object when my money is being abused especially when the BBC claims to have an impartial broadcasting policy. This is patently untrue.

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  1. With all the pay per view channels. And all these supposed box sets, which are incomplete, and the repeats shown on BBC. Do you not think we are being exploited enough. I think we pay enough to watch television, we do not need to held to ransom by the BBC. One week i missed a payment due to illness. which to my surprise i received a letter threatening me with bailiffs,all for £6.50. They are law unto themselves. The LICENCE FEE should be SCRAPPED.

  2. The soon the license fee is scraped the better. The license fee is stealing from the poor and giving to the rich

  3. The sooner the license fee is scraped the better. The license fee is stealing from the poor and giving to the rich

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