Repeal all legislation imposing a different tax regime on the Construction Industry to the rest of the economy. The CIS scheme is complex (thanks to the Legal parasites), slow and unnecessary as the CBI reports that over 90% of Construction Industry paymenmts are on time and accurate. The current CIS scheme imposes fines on many small sub-contractors even when a mistake is entirely the fault of HMRC. Small businesses then have to find the time to appeal against these manifest injustices.

Why is this idea important?

HMRC employees are slowly abandoning any responsibilies towards service to the public in general and small businesses in particular. The Civil Servants hide behind call centres, voicemail, training courses, meetings, annual leave and generous sickness arrangements. The attitudes are, of course, a direct result of their being managed under the terms of a legal contract.: immediate penalty for failure and no allowances for flexibilty, discretion and innovation. Quite sensibly they make every effort NOT to take any decision and push the problem to someone else – anyone else. The CIS Scheme is just another unnecessary complication and needs to be removed if we are to create a simpler tax regime.

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