RACIAL ABUSE AND SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION are both wrong and hurtful but the compensation to the so called victims has got right out of hand !

When a typist who sprains her thumb gets 3 time as much compensation as a soldier who has had both his legs blown off surely common sense should intervene? If some anti semitic slob calls me a yid I don't want to call the police and I certainly don't expect "compensation" if we both happen to be working for the same boss! I have a mouth too and I can use it to good effect without any  help from the State.Similarly if a policewoman cannot stand sexual banter at work she is in the wrong job and should not be seeking compensation for the hurt to her delicate feelings !

Quite simply there should be NO COMPENSATION for verbal abuse or "hurt feelings" of any kind and if that puts a few lawyers out of work I am sure I am very sorry !  Minor injuries should be covered by insurance not by lawsuits and simple legislation could enforce these reforms. 

Why is this idea important?

The compensation culture encourages minorities and pressure groups to milk the system .The huge amounts of compensation for trivial injuries or insults make for conflict and resentment from those who pay the taxes that fund it all .

LEGISLATION to forbid compulsory compensation for verbal abuse,minor injuries caused accidentally,or hurt feelings should be introduced as soon as possible !

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