My house is a 1 bedroomed terraced house over 120 years old in a litter strewn potholed back street with back alleys reminiscent of some 3rd Wotld country -choked with weeds. It is in Rossendale Borough Council area and is worth around £60k.and is in Band A for Council Tax purposes.

Here we pay 2.4 times the rate of Council Tax charged in the Westminster City area -yes, there are flats within sight of Harrods on Brompton Road which pay the same rate as I do and yet are worth probably 7 or more times the value of mine.


Many years ago we had what I think was called Schedule 'A' Property Tax. Each house was valued by the District Valuer and you paid a fixed percentage of that value per annum.


If we had stuck to that system we would not have had the mad Property Boom and young people today would be able to afford a home which today they find impossible.


So having a Property Tax which is the same rate everywhere would not only be fairer but would banish speculation and greed in property sales etc. 

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because we can not go on having such an unfair system in which poor people in the North are paying 2.4 times what the well off are paying in London.. If Income Tax was in a similar predicament there would be riots in the streets.The problem is that few people are aware of this complete unfairness. 

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