I am a single mother and would like the CSA should be abolished. 

The CSA has NIL assessed my millionaire ex husband and therefore not received any maintenance from him for the last year.  I have asked the CSA to reinvestigate the mater based on the further information I have provided (i.e he resides in a house, owned in his name worth £2 million pounds and drives luxury vehicles)!  He also is self employed and therefore manipulates his earnings. 

The CSA lack jurisdications to invetsigate the matter further.  The maintenence awarding power should be given back to the Court to determine the level of how much the non resident parent should pay. 

He still see's his son and now has overnight contact with him.

In my opinion the non paying father should not have no right to contact. 

Why is this idea important?

This will allow the Courts to determine how much maintenace should be paid and not just 15% of the non resident parents earning, whihc in the grand scheme of things is very little!

It's absurbs that non maintenance paying parent has no penalty, however the parent with care of the child that breaches the Contact Order could be imposed a community punishment order by the Courts!

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