Get rid of the Child Support Agency / Child Support Enforcement Commission

Rewrite or repeal and recreate a new Child Support Bill that will maintain civil liberties, make private arrangements the default way to support children, give any future child support public services arbitration powers ONLY and ensure that payments / maintenance is ongoing but otherwise keep out of the publics lives. Enforcements will be arbitrated fairly through the courts but no type of financial blackmail will be made. Natural justice will allow the absent parent to be allowed to defend themselves in a fair trial and his or her circumstances will be taken into consideration against any liability which at present is not what is happening in the current system as courts must pass any liability order passed once received by the CSA / CMEC. This is a bar and denial to natural justice, since a fair trial is not granted to the non resident parent at present.

No funds will be made available for the state from maintenance payments even if the parent with care of the children is on benefits. This is to prevent abuse of power and making up amounts that are owed, which has led to exploitation of non resident parents and using the courts to blackmail them or fleece them. To prevent such corruption from occurring and the temptation to exploit financially, this costly measure must be made.


100% of the maintenance will go to the child's support through a public sector created bank account or post office account. The child when old enough will be able to also draw out the money when deemed responsible enough.

Why is this idea important?

The current system is broken, corrupt, exploiting and ripping off the non resident parent by using the courts as a means of committing robbery through imaginary arrears figures and backed up with muscle of the law which has been twisted in the favour of the State, which may claim the money for the treasury and isn't going to help or support the children in question at all.

Not paying child support is understandably wrong, but so is bullying, Bullying is also wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right. Especially when the bullying is being done by a bloated State sector over the little people who have no defence when the courts are TOLD what to do by CSA / CMEC and cannot refuse without quite the legal performance, which most absent parents do not have access to. This is an injustice, a blocking in fact of natural justice, corruption, fraudulent behaviour by the public sector which requires further investigation of the Liability Order policies of the CSA / CMEC and is a gross erosion of civil liberties and human rights.


The CSA / CMEC has to go, the courts will only be used to enforce what is agreed in arbitration and private agreements, and the State has to remember that it is a servant to the public not its ruler. The lives that the CSA / CMEC and the current Child Support Act has ruined is incalculable, unforgivable and it's only a matter of time before something's got to give way and breaks down. The CSA / CMEC is also spending far more than it is making, has spent more than it can ever rationally recover and is not fit for purpose. A *reasonable* alternative should be proposed and put into action which the majority will agree to. Resistance will only cause non cooperation if the grand majority can  be potentially bullied by the State. I feel my proposal above can alleviate some of the trouble, duress, huge stress and even potential suicides that are going on in people lives even as I type this idea out.

2 Replies to “Scrap the CSA / CMEC and Rewrite the Child Support Act”

  1. i deffo believe they need to do some major changes as my partner pays for his son but his ex lies that we have him so charge more plus she spends her money on going out and not on the chid so we are forced to get clothes, she smokes leaves him with stranges gets drunk when in her care! but we have a child together and pay full rent and council tax but are on minimum wage so we get less money then she does plus pay her ontop and still have to provide things for her son like nappies because she wastes the money how is it my son is exspected to survive on 1% of my partners wage but she gets 15% i hate that we cant afford to take the kids anywhere because i have to wrk weekends else we would have no money for gas and electric or food!!!!!!

  2. CSA are biased ****.

    Single Mums on benefits get a job and a life.

    Single Mums on Disability benefits who aren’t fit to have a child end your life.

    Single Mums who claim all benefits and then ask for 15% of there ex’s success. FUCK OFF.

    Single Mums who need CSA payments do the right thing lose your ego and pass the child to the successfully father.

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