This is unnecessary legislation. The need for continual training for professional drivers should be, and is, determined by the employer according to the specifics of the job. Most of the training on offer is of no benefit or fills no apparent need. This will add to the cost of employing a driver and add to bureaucracy.  Any additional training needed at the point of the driver obtaining their licence should be a mandatory part on the training needed to pass the driving test.

Why is this idea important?

This will ultimately add to the cost of running a transport company.

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2 Replies to “Scrap the Drivers CPC for HGV Drivers”

  1. It is a load of rubbish we are on crap money but this government want more money out of us again we can’t claim it back so we have to pay for it. It is the only job u get fined for working In ,with out us truck drivers this country would come to a halt , what ever you have in your houses it has come on a truck some where in it’s life

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