If the the Care Quality Commission is now to regulate all health care providers.

We need to abolish the GMC, GDC etc; these regulatory bodies duplicate and complicate health care regulation, create unecessary regulatory burdens for professionals, act to preserve and maintain vested interests, charge registrants for the privelidge and provide little benefit to patients.

In tandem, far closer scrutiny of the individuals appointed  and co-opted to comittees needs to be adopted by government.

The Care Quality Commison could then have appointed committees for the individual professions, ensuring that all sections of a given profession are equally represented, ensuring those appointed are not, or have never been, affiliated with professional associations with political ambitions to maintain outdated modes of practice.


Why is this idea important?

Health care will continue to require growing resources from government and the demand for modern, effective treatments and services will increase.

Huge savings are possible, togther with the delivery of higher quality health care, by removing outdated and protectionist regulation, targeted use of limited funding to specialist providers, rather than 'general providers', efficient use of skilled health care providers and services, this will be facilitated by removing the barriers to change 'holed up' in the various regulatory bodies.

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