The DVLAs SORN ( Statutory Off Road Notification ) system is immoral, wrong and expensive and punishes the innocence whist the guilty will just ignore it and flout the law anyway.

Why is this idea important?

For those that don’t know, if you have a untaxed car such as the old banger being used for spare parts or a camper van that is off the road for the winter you have to tell the DVLA about it every year. And if you forget you get a £80 fine.

 The DVLA should concern themselves with what is being DRIVEN ON OUR ROADS  rather poking their nose into what is none of their business. If its off road it should not be under the jurisdiction of the DVLA.   

Police now have ANPR and can spot untaxed, un MOTed  uninsured vehicles instantly so the whole SORN system is now redundant. Get rid of all the people in the Continuous licensing offices and stop fining people who are basically doing nothing wrong. 2 savings for the price of one.

And finally why not go one step further and make it legal to park a untaxed, uninsured, unMOTed vehicle on the public highways , I’m thinking of classic cars that are being restored, campervans that are not being used for winter.

I recently got fined £80 for declaring SORN  “to early“  on the vehicle I was given, and had to spend a huge amount of time and effort fighting this, time I could have better spent on studying and working, most people just give in and pay the fine.

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  1. No one seems to have mentioned that Sorn is a system that unfairly penalises those that do not own property on which to park a car and declare it ‘offroad’. A landowner may keep and declare ‘sorn’ as many off road vehicles as s/he wants. Scrap it -it sucks

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