The DOE Website states that the Early Years Foundation Stage is the:

Resource providing the statutory framework for setting the standards for learning, development and care for children from 0–5 years. The framework aims at laying a secure foundation for future learning through learning and development that is planned around the individual needs and interests of the child. Also aims at improving quality and consistency in the early years sector through a universal set of standards.

Translation: have an incredibly prescriptive curriculum for babies and toddlers! And make nursery workers waste their time monitoring and recording targets. My daughter got a 20 page report tracking her progress. Every time a worker went off to fill in her progress record, was time that was NOT spent interacting or playing with her.

Why is this idea important?

The EYFS is restrictve, time consuming, expensive and utterly unnecessary. Good nursery workers are good, poor ones are poor.This system does not identify or weed out poor practice, nor does it enhance good practice.

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