We all know that with a quick tap on their computers the police can tell in a matter of seconds who owns a vehicle, if it's insured and if it has a valid MOT. They can also tell if the driver has a current, valid licence, what endorsements they have and if there are any outstanding warrants. Why then, if all of this has been confirmed, does a motorist have to endure the inconvenience of digging out all of the original paperwork and turning up at a police station with them within a limited time span? I can see no justification for this outdated law. A person stopped by police, even though they have committed no offence, can be asked to produce documents and failure to do so makes an innocent person a criminal.

Why is this idea important?

It saves police resources. Every person who turns up at a police station with their documents, ties up a desk officer for five minutes or so, while they look at the papers. The information in the documents is available to the police electronically, at any time that is convenient to them. As the officer who stopped the motorist will already have confirmed that they were driving legally, this is a total waste of police time.

It's good for community relations. This law is an inconvenience to law-abiding motorists and is counter-productive to police public relations.

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