People are fed up with being told what to eat all the time. We are adults, we can choose for ourselves, not have some 'do gooder' dictating to the food industry and the public at large of  what should be eating all the time.

The other problem is that government guidence keeps changing, and it is becoming a minefield to know exactly what is safe to eat and what isn't  that makes the whole thing totally confusing.

We already know what we are suppose to eat, however with food prices keep going up. The real real fresh healthy food seems to being priced out the reach for low income families, and it is a bit hyprocritical to then start nagging that we are not eating healthy, when we sometimes just need to get what we can to survive.

The Environmental and Trading Standards Service is a good enough service to make sure that our food is safe for consumption.


Why is this idea important?

It cuts out alot of red tape and advertising costs which will save alot of money with the government always changing its mind the leaflets and advertisng have to keep changing too, which means that more and more money is being wasted.

The Agricultural,  Environmental and Trading Standards Departments  are good enough services to make sure that our food is safe for consumption.

Food industry will be actually be trade without  the added costs of having to keep changing labels etc.

The supermarkets have a good enough labeling system, without having to have more confusing messages.

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