The ban on handguns for gun club members should be scrapped, it was brought about in a knee-jerk reaction ater Dunblane which only happened because of poor ecision making by the chief constable at the time. Handguns for legal firearms shooters pose little problem as has been proved by the amount of gun crime committed by legal firearms users. The vast majority of gun crime is by illegal firearms brought into the country. The ban caused an immense amount of damage to gun clubs and the membership of clubs fell dramatically because of it. Now we have the ridiculous situation of our Olympic pistol shooters having to train in Switzerland instead of on their own ranges. The ban is allegedly being lifted temporarily for the Olympics but the ban should be lifted permanently.

Why is this idea important?

It is important to the thousands of committed and enthusiatic gun club members and would also encourage new membership as it is generally a relatively cheap way of getting into shooting. Not only that but many people who are physically unable to hold a rifle could shoot pistol. Also it would encourage young blood into target shooting as it is much easier for a junior to handle pistols competently with less risk to a growing body than shooting heavy rifles.

Personally I am registered disabled and can no longer shoot competition because of my physical handicap yet I could still shoot pistol to a competitive standard. When I started shooting I learned on pistols before graduating to rifles once I could handle firearms to a safe standard.

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