Scrap the Human Rights Act as it applies to Britain, replace it with a British Constitution.

Why is this idea important?

The Human Rights Act is one of those laws that seemed like a good thing but has become a liability.  "Rights" have been added until it has crippled the British justice system, providing a "Get out of jail" card to criminals. Of course, fundamental rights are essential, like the right to a fair trial and the right not to be tortured while a person is in our care, but over the years the scales of justice have been tipped to favour the criminal instead of the society whose liberties he is flouting.

It is crazy that a person who injures himself while carrying out a crime can sue the owner of the property for damages. It is crazy that a foreign national who comes to our country with the intention to commit acts of terrorism, or other crimes against our society, cannot be sent back to his home country for fear he will be in danger.

If this act has been imposed on us by the EU, then it is time we stopped allowing Brussels to strangle our society with laws that are contrary to the public good.  It is not good enough to say that we are committed to the EU – has the government of our country been handed over to Brussels?  We need British laws for British people, and we need to take control of this law.

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