This act should simply be scrapped

Why is this idea important?

This act went through Parliament in order to make it legal but applies only to Kent & Medway, there are however similar schemes in other council areas. The idea was instigated by the Police and Kent Trading Standards, and as a result we have a ridiculous piece of legislation which places an increased burden on this businesses in the area, and also those likie us, who only trade there once a year.

It applies to those dealign in second hand goods and requires the recording of names and addresses for where items werre purchjased from and to whom they are sold, there are different thresholds for different goods which all goes to make this something difficuilt to administer, in many cases buyers refuse to give their names or addresses, of give false ones.

In addition to this the Kent taxpayer is paying for the trading standards department to record sellers and issue certificates. Yet in all the time I have been registered I have not heard of one dealer being asked for information of any kind and I fail to see how this whole system has or can in anyway reduce crime or the movement of stolen goods, which, lets face it, are not usually sold in as obvious places as a car boot sale or market.

This act (and those like it) achieve nothing, can be easily circumvented by those who would wish to bend the law (for example buy an item outside Kent, sell it outside Kent but live and have business base in Kent) and serves only to increase small business red tape. Scrap it!

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