Surgeries have a limit of 10 minutes per appointment which may be OK for certain cases but for other critical cases it is insufficient and may have to be extended.

This 10 minute appointment limit with GP should be ended and replaced with the GP's recommendation of length for appointment  according to the case.

Why is this idea important?


This extension of time based on GP's opinion is important because in certain cases the patient discusses very serious findings of tests or serious decisions to be made for operations.  The extension of patient's appointment time according to GP's opinion  is beneficial to NHS and taxpayer because it will enable the patient to make an informed decision regarding some very serious treatment plans. This increases the efficiency of planning the treatment which costs to taxpayer.

Not having sufficient time to discuss with the GP very serious implications of  treatment leads to bad decisions and poor planning for health care and unforeseen health complications and burden further the health services and social services.

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