I should not be banned from working just because I can't find anyone who will pay me £6/hour.

If I can find an employer willing to pay me £5 and I am willing to do the job then it is absolutely no business of the government's.

Why is this idea important?

There are a couple of million unemployed people. Young people especially suffer unemployment for this reason, and at the same time the government can’t afford the welfare state.

4 Replies to “Scrap the Minimum Wage”

  1. Completely agree.
    How many old age pensioners as well as young people and disabled and slow people and backward people could have a job if their was no NMW.

    The government is cutting benefits and pensions and wants to reduce public spending, so it’s an absolute no brained to scrap this populist policy which destroys growth, increases the cost of living and puts people out of work.

    More importantly it takes away a persons freedom.

    The silver bullet to solving the economic crisis is the NMW.

  2. Everyone single person who defends the minimum wage without question is ignorant of one thing: Jobs do not grow on trees; each and every job is created as the result of an employer’s decision to hire labour – EACH AND EVERY JOB. If the cost of that labour is too high, that job will simply never be created. If the NMW was £100ph then we would have 99% unemployment.

  3. There is no evidence to suggest that a minimum wage prevents employment. And you’re right, jobs don’t ‘grow on trees’ they result from an ability to make ever increasing profits that allows a company to grow and employ an increasing amount of staff. We are currently in a financial crisis, brought of by a lack of profitable investment opportunities within the global economy. As new opportunities are hard to find, corporations are looking to crush wages to further exploit their staff and looking to lay off workers to help increase profits. This isn’t an issue of a minimum wage – this an insure of a broken economic system that can’t provide for the people. This is an issue of corporate greed, where profits are more important than the welfare of people.

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