Get rid of every piece of legislation which is designed to watch us, monitor us, tell us what to do, to scare us, and to decide how each of us should live our lives.

Scap all the registers, lists, records and devices used to control our lives.

Return the right of freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom to believe what we want.

Some of us had relatives who died for all these freedoms – give these freedoms back to us.

Stop interferring with our lives in our own homes, and give us back the right to defend them.

And for goodness sake get rid of all this 'political correctness' rubbish.

Why is this idea important?

Why should the government have so much control over our lives? We elect them to work for us, and instead they seem to think that they have the right to control every aspect of our lives.

At least through this forum we have somewhere we can air our views (however extreme some of them may be) perhaps that is some small improvement.

I am sick of being watched everywhere I go. A very tiny percentage of the population commit crimes, and the majority suffer as well. We have more cameras watching us than any country in the world – more than all of Europe put together. Scrap at least 95% of them.

I am fed up with hearing about the police quoting the 'Terrorism Act' to prevent anything they don't like, like people taking photos of Christmas decorations, or of them, or to prevent legitimate protests. I am sure this is not the use for which the legislation was enacted. The police are using this law to 'terrorise' the public.

Stop compiling lists and registers which serve only to increase the number of databases which hold information about me. I do not trust the government beaurocracy to keep my information safe. Look how much has been 'lost' over recent years.

I should have the freedom to say what I like. Everyone should have the freedom to express their own opinion. I should also be able to use any word in the English language without fear of persecution or prosecution. It should not be acceptable for any group within our society to use words amongst themselves which I would be vilified for using. Not that I would even think about using certain words with regard to some ethnic minorities, but I should have the right to if they use it about themselves.

I should be able to defend my family, my home and myself without fear of prosecution. I believe that if someone enters my home illegaly then they should be deemed to have left their legal rights outside. I should then be free to deal with them anyway I consider reasonable. In these circumstances the definition of 'reasonable force' should be my definition. If you have no legal right to be on my property then you should have no legal rights. Enter with a warrant, or by invitation, or accept the consequences.

Do not allow the homeowner to be prosecuted because the criminal breaking in has suffered injury. 

Political correctness is getting to ridiculous levels. If I want to call a spade a spade, I should not have to call it a shovel. If certain sections of our multi-cultural country are sensitive to certain words then the problem lies with them, not me for using the English language. (I am from an ethnic minority.) I do not wish to be rude to anyone, but we are getting to the point where I may be using words which I don't even know are causing offence. I should not fear being prosecuted for speaking my own language. This is mind control of the worst kind.

For goodness sake let's get back to being in control of our own lives, not being told what to do. Let's get back to the idea of taking responsibility for our own lives within the wider community. Let's stop expecting the government to provide us with a job, and find our own. But let us expect the government to stop watching our every move. Stop listing and registering, and compiling databases about every part of our lives and bodies. The government should concentrate on running the country, managing health services and education, overseeing defence, immigration, business and finacial matters. They should stop interferring in the home and family matters.

Just leave us alone to get on with our lives without constantly monitoring our every move.

Stop allowing the police to bully us, beat us, kill us, and get away with it. Every officer who breaks the law should be prosecuted and sacked, and should forfeit their pension. They are supposed to uphold the law, not operate outside of it. I see them constantly speeding when not on an emergency call (no lights or sirens). They park in places I would be fined for. They mistreat everyone they come in contact with. They are rude and offensive. They treat everyone disrespectfully. If you tell them the truth they don't believe you. They believe the truth is only what they say it is, regardless of the facts. It seems that only the police and politicians are above the law. Everyone in this country should be equal.

Return control of our lives to us and stop nannying us and watching every aspect of our lives. Stop collecting data about us.

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