The MCS registration scheme is yet another example of a multi-layered Quango.

Ofgem sub-contract the MCS scheme to Gemserve. All Gemserve seem to do is hold the database.

Gemserve sub-contract to various third party Accreditation Bodies.

The Accreditation Body insist you have your renewable energy device tested by an independant testing laboratory. The Accreditation Body will then look at the test results and charge you five grand for the privilege.

And you have to test against an outdated British Standard that was derived from a irrelavent European standard. We never achieve the levels of solar radiation specified in the European standard. In order to meet this outdated and over-the-top British Standard you are forced to design with more expensive materials.

The whole scheme is pointless as any electricity generated will be measured by a smartmeter. If the renewable energy device doesn't perform no electricity will be generated and no feed-in-tariff will be paid. There is absolutely no need for a certification scheme.

The critical problem with the renewable energy sector is cost not quality. Micro-generation is just not cost effective. The MCS scheme only serves to drive up costs making renewables less likely to be adopted.

Why is this idea important?

The adoption of renewables will be critical over the next few years. The MCS scheme is a barrier to makining this happen.

Removing the MCS scheme would also allow the development of new innovative renewable technologies that will dramatically reduce the costs.

5 Replies to “Scrap the renewable energy MCS registration scheme”

  1. I agree absolutely,all mcs registration does is erect barriers to entry and increase costs the technical side would be better policed by trade bodies niceic for solar pv ,or local authority building control.

  2. MCS is not needed. I am an ICT Engineer and my father is an electrician. Installation of PV panels and their control equipment is very easy. Why do we have to pay to fund a registration process such as the MCS.
    We can install the necessary equipment to the required building regulations. It will of course be compliant with electrical regulations too. Why do we have to register with MCS just to feed into the national grid?

  3. We are going through MCS right now, it is an anal minefield of paper pushing which any reputable small firm does not need. Some of it is good business practice but to have to pay so much, every year, in order to do the job which we are already qualified to do is highly problematic and raises costs excessively. HSE training alone with both the costs of training, certification and lost revenue for 8 employees weighs in at a massive £3400 per year for Manual Handling, Working at Heights and COSHH alone (requirements of the MCS scheme) All training is supposed to be refreshed regularly so I guess it is an anual expectation of the scheme. Costs of application and yearly assessment outweigh the possible potential gain from new work. I can see why it was felt necessary for such a scheme to be in place for larger 50+ firms but for small firms like ourselves it is a MASSIVE barrier to growth.

  4. In reply to the above comment which I posted earlier, we have decided not to go ahead with the MCS certification. Not worth our while and given the government’s recent U-turn on feed in tariffs, it has left us very suspicious of throwing money and an incredible amount of time into this black hole only to find that a few months down the line there is little if no incentive and no renewables work out there to pay back this investment.

  5. We,the masses, have all adopted this over the top CO2 emission lie and we can’t fight the elite with just a hand full people.
    The MCS like the CO2 lie is just another ploy for the eu to gather money for the already failing communist plan.
    The only real way is that people in this country need to wake up to what’s happening and push for a referendum to completely come out of europe and let this country govern its self,we need to deal with the root cause, that being eroupe.

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