Politicians of all parties are agreed that we need to pull out of recession, and end the budget deficit; the only differences of opinion are how, and how soon.

What I think is obvious is that these objectives are far more likely to be achieved with a higher level of economic activity than a lower level.  Antiquated laws which criminalise people for honest trading on a certain day, or at certain hours, are not only an infringement of civil liberties, but also a totally unnecessary brake on economic activity, which is something we need more of, not less. 

Following relaxation of this mediaeval legislation in the 1990s, people have been able to enjoy shopping on Sunday, but only to a limited extent, i.e. hours of opening remain restricted, and, daftest of all, there seems to remain a total prohibition of trading on Easter Sunday!!!  Whatever for?  The only valid reason power can be exercised over people is to prevent harm to others.  Trading on Sundays & Bank Holidays causes no harm to others; in fact it helps them, by offering the goods & services they desire on any day they choose.  What logical reason is there for bank holidays?  Why shouldn't everyone be free to choose when to work or not work, so as to meet the requirements of his/her customers?  Would those who defend the criminalisation of trading on these days suggest that hospitals, the ambulance service, and water & sewage pumping stations close on Sundays & bank holidays, because those who operate them should not work on these days?  Surely there is no logical reason for expecting everyone to stop work on certain days, and plenty of benefits, both in terms of economic recovery, and civil liberties, for repealing, totally, these absurd laws.

Why is this idea important?

Freedom to trade on any day of the week is important, because:-

1.  There would be more trading, therefore easing recession.

2.  There would be more tax revenue collected, to ease the budget deficit.

3.  There would be more jobs created, probably both full & part time.

4.  There would be an even spread of road traffic volume, over all days of the week.

5.  There would be an improved quality of life for all, in having access to buy the goods & services they need whenever they need them.

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  1. How a work of fiction can still be allowed to have any affect on the way the rest of us live (especially in a country which is becoming famous for outlawing it’s own traditions in case it might ‘offend’ people of other faiths..)is absolutely beyond reason. Besides the fact that the 7th day is part of a creation myth (supposedly the sun itself wasn’t created until the ‘4th’ day – but without the sun how could a ‘day’ be measured??) Christianity has a minority hold on our population, but thanks to archaic laws I cannot go to my local store to buy something I need on one of the few days I get to spend not at work. Ridiculous doesn’t even come close. Amend the law NOW. It’s around 100 years overdue.

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