Scrap the TV licence fee!

The BBC is not a necessity so why are we paying for it?

With 40% cuts in the pipeline why not cut the licence fee by 40%. Better still; put the money to good use e.g. a health plan for the elderly, nursing homes etc. Scotland doesn’t have to pay for this.

The head of the BBC moans that no other TV station has to reveal money that goes to the highest paid! But no other TV station is funded by Tax Payers!!!

It’s time the BBC paid for itself. Advertising at the end of programs will not interfere with viewing! I'm not suggesting scrapping the BBC just the public funding.

There are many good uses for the TV tax so let’s sort it out now or remove it altogether!!!

Why is this idea important?

Because I and many thousands of others can't afford something we don't need! That amount of money could be used for something we do need! If we have no choice in paying the tax we should have a choice as to where it goes. With current cutbacks this would help everybody. The public should also be allowed to make these cutbacks.


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