WAG = Welsh Assembly Government; a gravy train for third rate politicians. Everrything they touch falls apart. Their idea of success is not to imbue the people of this area with self-confidence and entrepreneurial vigour, but to go around Europe with the begging bowl.

The health service is by far the worst in the UK and so is the education service. Now many further education colleges have stopped doing A levels, so trying to force the more academic 16 yr olds to stay at school. They are even being told they can do their preferred subjects only by moving around between two or three schools. Typical Welsh third rate "solution."

There are even so-called ministers in this monstrosity who really believe that Wales could be a successful independent nation. To think that our taxes are being spent by people living in such delusion.

There's a referendum due next  year in which these failures will ask for MORE powers. There MUST be an option for the people to SCRAP the whole thing. It never got a majority of those on the voters list in the first place.

Why is this idea important?

Because we keep hearing about the improvements the new Government want to make in both cutting costs and improving services, but mostly that’s just for England, Wales is expected to stay third rate, almost third world.

Because we need a decent health service.

Because our children need a decent education. Apart from the other failures, our children have to take Welsh at GCSE which means that the majority don’t take a useful modern language, so lessening their jobs prospects.

The WAG pretends that pupils who get a D are “Welsh speaking” whereas in truth they cannot even read the road signs.

Because a democratic referendum must offer the people ALL the relevant choices; if the fat cats want to ask for MORE power, they must also offer the chance for people to take away the power they have. That’s democracy, the alternative is hypocrisy.

Because the sums of public money spent on printing and posting every document in Welsh and English, despite the fact that most inhabitants of Wales cannot speak or read Welsh, is enormous. In the Welsh Assembly they even employ people to translate every speech from English into Welsh even though every Member understands the English perfectly.

Because in an economy drive there is no room for a Welsh Assembly or so-called “Government.”

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