Scrap TV License law

Mr Clegg,  Do you think its appropriate  for British people to be forced and threatened,  Yes Threatened and Forced  ! ,  into having a TV License to watch TV ?

The TV License should not be forced upon us in such a way that it has been, We should have the freedom to watch TV without being threatened by a private company with government backing to pay a license fee.

The TV License should be turned into a subscription like SKY , You want/like the BBC then you pay for it . You dont want it, You dont pay for it.

Thats a more fairer system. We should not be threatened by a private company that acts like a Militia into having a license in a future Britain. It needs scrapping and replacing with a voluntary BBC Subscription.

Why does this idea matter?

Its important for two reasons, as above because it makes things  fair and brings Britain into the future, By scrapping the TV License law , we are not forced  and threatened by private companies with government backing. This is not appropriate in a free society.

Secondly, It will also once and for all put  fiscal responsability smack bang in the face of the BBC which has had it coming for a long time.   



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