Scrap bureaucratic antiterrorism checks on student attendance.

The last government had plans to introduce checks on university students attendance in September as an antiterrorism measure. This was going to be a monthly formal requirement during termtime. Failure to attend two consecutive meetings would result in a report being make to the Home Office of suspicious behaviour.

Firstly attendance (or lack of) should already be known by universities. If some universities have contact with students less often they probably shouldn't have the right to issue qualifications because they cannot prove students are actually studying anything.

Secondly this does not work for students who may have long research projects with overseas fieldwork (e.g. 5 month stint in Australia recording birdsong) when attending a meeting at university is not possible.

Why is this idea important?

Universities are stretched for funding and should already be noting student attendance. This proposal is a pointless waste of the time, money and effort of tens of thousands of people.

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