VED is an outmoded and increasingly complex way of taxing vehicles. Millions are spent every year in administration and capturing the evaders. By putting additional tax on fuels this turns an avoidable tax into an unavoidable one since a vehicle is useless without fuel. It satisfies the classic lobby because most classics are only used occasionally and introduces a pay as you drive feature that should encourage people to drive less or switch to a more efficient model(and usually lower emissions are a by-product of this anyway). It also dispenses with the need for administration and policing since there is already a means of collecting the tax in place. ANPR cameras are everywhere, so the policing of insurance and MOT infringements is unaffected.

Why is this idea important?

It saves money through eliminating duplicated activity, does not need policing or enforcement and gives people freedom of choice over whether they drive or not. VED has outlived its usefulness.

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