Scrap/ammend compulsory Disability Discrimination Act

DDA regulations are such a huge additional cost to building contractors and hence business and ultimately  costs are passed on to the consumer. In 90% of cases the additional works required to comply with DDA regs are not necesary and will never be needed. This is particularly relevant for smaller commercial properties it is just a huge unecesary additional cost. There has been no common sense used in the application of this law, just a blanket compulsory layer of red tape. Please allow property owners to voluntarily comply with this legislation and allow business to use common sense to apply this where they think it is necesary.

Why does this idea matter?

There is a place to have DDA regulations and it is right to adapt large public buildings so that they are fully accessible, but the DDA regs have been such a huge cost and regulatory burdom to all business and those costs are wasted, becuase in so many instances a wheel chair user will probably never set foot in most of the adapted buildings. Please allow business to use a common sense approach to the application of this law, and also please simplify it.

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