I am a one term temporary teacher.  I have to apply for many CRB reports each year.  On noe occasion TWO reports arrived on the same day at a cost of £36 each.  The reports arrived TWO months after I had finished working at those schools.  This was 6 months after applying.  Any yet the police have their own computer which can provide a result in 10 days.


Scrap  the CRB.  With 12 million people working with 'vulnerable groups' why not just have EVERYONE registered and have the information available to RB is nothing short of a tax on workers and it doesn't seem to prevent the wrong sort of people having contact with children.  And if they wont register then take that as non-available for the profession.

Why is this idea important?

It costs me and many others a small fortune on an annual basis and provides NO PROTECTION at all in light of the 6 months it takes to obtain a CRB.

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