Stop this insane push to scrap broadcasting national radio on the FM frequencies.  DAB radio is far from perfect, and will ultimately be replaced by DAB2. The reasons given for going over to DAB broadcasting are political and don't stand up to scrutiny.

Why is this idea important?

Existing analogue radios cannot be converted to digital, so, unless you want to listen exclusively to local broadcasting, you will have to buy a new radio, and possibly have to scrap (in my case) six perfectly functioning sets. Added to that, DAB doesn't work well on the move, so car radios, even if there is a device to convert them, will suffer. Even now, new cars are being delivered with analogue radios fitted. It is unreasonable to expect people to scrap upward of thirty million sets, on the grounds that the analogue and digital systems should not be broadcast in parallel because of cost.

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