while the last government created some ridiculous laws,a similar number of mindboggling  rules come from the e.u.we british have always prided ourselves on our common sense but we are being undermined by so many meaningless regulations that are hampering british buisness and the british way of life.I myself would dearly like the government to withdraw from the e.u. but i dont think that is on the agenda in the near future.So my idea is to just say no to any regulation that this government deems to be against the good of the country.This could be in the area of Law,Tax,Weights and measures,Working Time Regulations,Red tape for buisness, i could go on but you will see what i mean by these examples.

Why is this idea important?

I believe that my idea is important because i feel that this coalition must stop the insidious march of the rules coming out of Brussels.We the british public were denied a referendum by the last government who surely knew that the british public has had enough of the e.u. dictatorship and stopped us saying so at the ballot box. I am 67 seven years old and i have seen governments come and go.I beg you please scrutinise every last item of e.u.legislation that comes from Brussels and if you dont like it  JUST SAY NO.we will not implement that law because we think that it is against the national interest.And please remember we the british public DID NOT vote for what we have now got in europe.

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