As the title suggests, this patronising and pointless exercise is testament to the fact that we have become a nanny state. Government departments are businesses and this is just another cynical ploy to create non-jobs and generate money. This is another sell out to Europe.

Drivers pass a LGV test to become professional drivers and employers should then train employees in any related activities as required. We DO NOT NEED and SHOULD NOT HAVE this ridiculous CPC. Myself, and ALL my fellow LGV employees at our depot are incensed by the entire concept.

Why is this idea important?

This is really a question only for the bureaucrats who have no idea about anything in the transport industry. It will save employers money that they don’t have. It will save employees money that they don’t have. It will reduce the costs involved in running a distribution realted business.

Most people are apathetic about politics and many I know can’t be bothered to do what I am doing now, because they believe the Government won’t act and they will just be wasting their time. I have to stand up and make a point for tens of thousands of drivers who agree with me, but who don’t have internet access or think the whole “suggest what laws you want scrapped” is just a cynical PR stunt to bond with the electorate about whom they don’t care one iota.


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  1. I am in favour of scrapping the driver CPC as it will cost a weeks wages plus training costs, I estimate it will cost me £1000 to attend this course. I am prepared to not do any training till the deadline has passed this government deserves to watch our country grind to a halt like it did in the fuel protests for allowing the EU to dictate and enforce this legislation upon experienced drivers!

  2. Me and every other HGV driver ive spoke to in the UK are well and truly fed up and or stressed out because of the driver CPC.

    When we passed our test and spent over £2000 for it we expected to do this job for the rest of our life’s and learn on the job we were doing from fellow experienced drivers etc not in a classroom .
    But now we have to sit a course 35 hours ever 5 years to be able to keep our licence and our lively hood The driver CPC needs scraped or changed NOW to make it easier and more convenient for us drivers to complete

    A lot of old timers will not bother sitting a CPC and will stop driving in sep 2014 .
    This time next year i will no longer be a HGV driver because of this CPC . will the gov refund me my £2000 that i forked out for my licences ?

    Scrap the driver CPC NOW or make it easier for us divers to complete .

    example :


    Login with your driver number etc and sit a test online via a gov/secure website .answer questions watch videos etc
    That way drivers don’t have to attend a classroom for a week while loosing out on money etc . Do it online then drivers can do it in there spare time and at there own leisure anywhere any time .
    I for one would prefer it that way


  3. Another money making scheme by the government. I agree with previous comment, it could easily be done through a secure website.

  4. Its about time the Haulers stood up to this bloody Government. Its just another way to fiddle us. Why do we have to pay for there mistakes all the time enough is enough. SO my comment is totally insane SCRAP IT.

    1. I agree all drivers should refuse to do this worthless cpc and let the country come to a halt we should do what tanker drivers do and strike.

    1. 5/09/2021 the Cpc needs to be scrapped as there is a shortage of hgv drivers it about time the government listen to what the voteing people of the UK say but no they think they know better well no wounder the hgv driving industry is in the state its in

  5. us drivers get treated like shite in this country we do long hours fair enough yea stressfull but bearable we buy maps fair enough we spend weeks away from family and loved ones fair enough we paid 2 grand for a class 1 licence fair enough .but this government didn’t tell us while shelling out there was this rip off tax in disguise ie the cpc .80 pound a year is a day at the seaside or whatever de stressing from work not sat in a classroom on our rest ie destressing makes it safer at wore far more than the cpc ever can .do these knob heads who brought this out go to work at weekend and pay to go in to .fucking country is shit and don’t give a toss and don’t have the brains to run it .give this country to the drivers to run see how well it runs then u knob rots

  6. All it takes is 100000 people to partition the government and this will force the powers to be to at least bring the concern to Parliament. An online course at £25 per head would suffice, however, looking at the last certification of attendance, health and safety and some other nonessential element was awarded.

    In my opinion, after gaining 30 yrs as a Hgv driver with great skills in roping and sheeting, I have not really learned anything from the course that particulary makes me or my job better, perhaps a tad financially worse, certainly a waste of my precious time and attitude.

  7. its a waste of time the idiot that took us for the cpc could not answer any thing we asked ,said he would get back to us? all he did was read from a screen so i will be letting my HGV licence go this october and retiring after 45 years because the gov think I need training for something i have been doing accident free for 45years,then i read there is a shortage of drivers I wonder why???????

  8. As this was implemented in EUROPE and we are no longer in E.U. it should be BINNED immediately.
    As other drivers have said it is another CASH COW for the government. I SAY BIN IT NOW.

  9. completely agree with every comment , suits who don’t know one end of a truck from the other coming up with crap they know nothing about, complete, cash cow ,don’t agree with doing at all ,done it twice complete waste of time went round and around in circles for 5 7hr shifts and lost 5 sundays of my own time non entities creating jobs for themselves

  10. Scrap the whole idea.. once i passed my test i thought i got it for life, not doing a poxy test to say i can drive them thats why i passed it. Money making grabbing bastards. The 2 member states who came up with the idea dont even do it so why should we…

    1. Which two member states (or should I say countries.)The sly so and sos are changing everything by stealth.Was meabt to be for economic purposes.At what time did they twist it ro become the political monster it is today.Would be interested to hear from you.By the way a good book to read would be Babylon In Europe by David Hathaway.

  11. S crap the bloody useless thing….. absolute money making con…..I’ve been driving hgvs for nearly twenty years….now I need a stupid card to do so……I’m seriously thinking of getting out of the game

  12. SCRAP IT! Then compensate every HGV driver that has been unnecessarily fleeced of their hard earned cash since the DCPC was introduced. I paid a small fortune for training and driving test well over 20 years ago, believing that the initial outlay to gain the necessary qualification to be the end of it. I then went on to pay another small fortune and study for, pass the exams, and gain, a CPC in National and International Road Haulage Operations.. Which I feel should have qualified me as exempt from the DCPC from its introduction. But \’oh no\’, I now have to pay to sit in a classroom, listening to someone who\’s never worked in the industry, reading from a script, telling me all about a job I\’ve been doing for over 20 years! But I have to do it.. and PAY for it as well.. as all my other qualifications and 20 odd years of experience on the job\’ \’DON\’T\’, for some peculiar reason unbeknown to me.. qualify me to do the job any more?????

    My Dad didn\’t bother with it, gave up, he said, \”It\’s not worth it, there\’s nothing they can teach me about the transport industry that I haven\’t already learned over the last 40 years\”. My Brother done the same as my Dad, drove up until the point it became a legal requirement to carry DCPC card, then jacked it in, He said he wouldn\’t pay to be told how to do a job he\’d been doing for 20 years.. and he didn\’t! Say\’s he\’ll go back on road when the DCPC is scrapped.

    If they\’d introduced a DCPC as a one off qualification for new drivers just starting out, to give them a good insight into the industry, drivers hours regulations, etc, etc. I feel this would have been acceptable.

    But with regards drivers that have already gained their qualification to do the job.. to then introduce another.. \’qualification\’, (if we can even call it that) which renders your existing qualification null and void.. that surely has to be challenge-able in court?????

  13. Scrap it now….
    As an x driver who used to do agency work when I was quite it is now become a pointless way of making the extra income.
    I know plenty of other x drives who are all in the same position, many hgv licence holders who would be willing to work but can’t because of this stupid system.
    I could understand it being mandatory for new drivers but training somebody who’s driven thousands of miles and knows the job like the back of his hand is an insult!
    I was talking with one driver who said the guy running the course hadn’t even been in a lorry, it’s a absolute joke…

  14. Scrap the whole thing I agree with all the previous remarks Before the cpc it was btecs . For nearly any job now you need this card that card it’s just one big con

  15. I have just had about enough of this coco bollocks go into room with 19 other drivers Oslo Fred up on a Saturday morning 07.30 am learnt basicly nothing I didn’t already know and on top of this it’s Oslo my bloody rest period be for I go out to France so my 24 hour break is this coco shot.

  16. Hmmmm all calling yourselves “professional drivers” complaing about training to improve! Well imagine if your doctor only passed medical school back in the 1970s and didn’t update would you trust his knowledge of new treatments etc? As for being able to do the same course 5 times well thats your choice! Would you eat the same meal 5 days running or choose something else? As consumers we get what we pay for, pay a bit more get a quality training course, choose different courses, ERF and Foden only gave you 1 choice and you chose Volvo Scania etc! Go enjoy your job and get “professional” get a wage increase from the driver shortage.

  17. By scrapping the CPC for the UK, that means only drivers from the EU would be eligible for driving on the continent.
    That’s really going to help the UK haulage industry.

  18. Ban the c.pc just another con?Some dickhead telling you wot you already know in a class room. Don’t think so.

  19. Driver cpc is a joke when I did mine I was told to bring a book to read to pass the time away we were told to attend for 7 hours do nothing to get our cpc it teaches you nothing just a way of getting money from you

  20. Cpc should be scrapped with immediate effect .
    I am contracted to work 5 days a week then 6.
    I have to attend cpc courses on my days off i.e the week when I work 5 days I’ll attend on a Saturday or Sunday. I don’t get paid and have to travel 130 mile round trip to sit in a class room where nobody pays attention to the course tutor. It’s diabolical that I’ve spent 70 hours in a class room and never learnt a thing.

  21. i’m not re newing my dcpc due sept 2019,it’s a pointless exercise and cannot afford the £400 odd it costs to sit.Ive had my licence (hgv)17yrs and 2019 is gunna see a massive shortage of good drivers gone because of this forced government revenue money making farce brought in by the eu.Scrap this unjust bill now before the uk grinds to a halt as come september there will be chaos ref massive shortages of bums on seats.

  22. I don’t think anyone would disagree that training and education on new rules and regulations is ever a bad thing. What i think everyone disagrees with is the absolute waste of time the driver CPC is, because of the way it is run.
    It costs drivers money they shouldn’t be wasting on learning material that has not changed in the LAST 5 years. How can you pass a learning course by sitting the same module for 5 days, how can you learn anything if you are not tested, pass or fail at the end of it.
    Money making scam, of no use whatsoever to anyone apart from somebody who has just passed their HGV test.

  23. I totally agree with the scrapping of the drivers cpc course. I have been driving hgv,s for near on 40 years so what the fuck am I gonna learn that’s gonna help me or make me any better by sitting 35 hrs in 5 years in a classroom. Thought I’d finished school back in 1970. Scrap it or make it on-line. Stop wasting mine and thousands of other professionals Fucking time.

  24. scrap the cpc ., mine is due again soon what another swizz ., i say lets take our number plates off every friday., and fuck this country over like its fucking us

    1. The CPC for HGV drivers Should be scrapped complete waste of time It’s a good moneyspinner though and should be scrapped Typical EU rules What a load of rubbish If I can afford to give up HGV driving because of this I would And there is supposed to be a shortage of HGV drivers And this is helping

  25. Let’s start a YouTube channel on all hgv drivers going on strike in January 2020 until this CPC (complete pile crap) is scrapped and we get our money back because the complete fck head brain dead tw@t that invented this shite needs putting in a mental hospital

    1. That comment is class,but true.CPC”Complete pile crap”I cant fkn work now cos cannot afford to renew.Absolute bullshit…Dcpc needs to be scrapped NOW…

  26. I am 60 year, I have driven LGVs/HGVs on and off for nearly 40 years never had a major incident, I have roped sheeted several trailers on a Friday afternoon just for fun, I have done wide load, petrol tankers, flatbed, hiab and containers oh and a bit of round timber In my younger days! then suddenly we are introduced to this CCP qualification right among a driver shortage, the money making machine strikes again, I do believe in educating Drivers about fuel economy and tachos however to spend 35 hours is not practical and inconvenient to say the least, to sit in a classroom with someone that cant even ntie a dolly, you can shove it all.

  27. I am a newcomer to driving large vehicles, which is a practical skill requiring knowledge which is taught & practised during the training. They key to road safety is the practical skills – this cannot be & most certainly is not taught, learned or refreshed in a classroom. CPC is not proven to increase road safety.
    After 5 years of very enjoyable driving coaches across UK & Europe I have now stopped driving because the CPC is a pointless expense (£400-£600 for the 35 hrs, incl costs, fuel & food) for a job which pays £9 an hour. The industry has lost me & many other drivers because we know that sitting in a classroom listening to someone read a script that we could read in the comfort of our own homes whilst nobody checks if I can actually drive safely is a complete waste of time & money.

  28. Could some one put up a pettition again for the scraping of this waste of time cpc, I have also stopped driving hgv & psv vehicles mostly because of this stupid rule, Scratchy old videos & people talking crap & don’t even have the licence, This is nothing but robbery on a grand scale, I have been there since day one of this crap & have learned not one thing new, pulling the hair out my head listening to drivel. Unfortunatly i did not know the first pettition was up or i would have signed it, it was very low key for some reason.

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