A clear statment of legal rights for UK citizens and the purpose and nature of authorised checks to be prominently displayed at points of entry to the UK

Why is this idea important?

I want the legal position made clear at points of entry to the UK about the use of technology such as iris scans and fingerprinting for UK nationals.

Having presented a valid UK passport why are we required to submit to an iris scan at Heathrow? And why is this information being held on computer systems and by what authority? On a recent transfer at terminal 5 I was instructed to remove my spectacles by a member of BA staff who appeared to have access to an iris scan on a check-in screen when I was boarding a domestic flight?


Who gves permission for this? Is there any legislation that authorises it? It is fine to have my passport carefully checked but all this biometric stuff is oppressive. 'Security' is being used to justify quite unnacceptable intrusion, they will be asking us to drop our trousers next.

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