Repeal in great proportion sections 36, 37, 38 and 39 of the violent crime reduction act.

Why is this idea important?

These sections of the VCRA were brought in based on a need to be seen to do something, and are badly worded and do not achieve what they intended to do, which is remove immitation weapons from the hands of criminals.

Significant steps towards that worthy aim were taken with the Anti-Social Behaviour act of 2000 and specifically banned the carrying of Realistic Imitation Firearms without good cause. This did not encroach on the legitimate right for law abiding people to collect such imitations as part of a historic or social interest, or prevent people from being able to engage in appropriately organised social activities such as re-enactments or sports events such as Airsoft skirmishes.

The above laws have created a confusing situation with a number of erronious and dangerous interpretations and has led to threats to law abiding businesses abilities to carry out legal trade responssibly as they had dome previously, and for previously law abiding people to feel they had been criminalised because of misleading information provided by groups with their own vested interests.

It must be noted, that arguments put forward at the time in favour of these sections stated that RIFs were being converted to fire live ammunition, however, this is already covered by the Firearms act and such an act is already illegal. This, plus the above mentioned clauses in the ASBA render the above clauses redundant and so I ask that they be repealed.

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