I think the monarchy is an important part of  Englands  history  and  they are also responsible for tourism boosts inthis country because they mean somthing to the wider world. They are part of our culture and have played pivitol roles in representing  The Uk all over the world . And I believe  that t they still mean something to people in this country. They represent a strong set of values and  hope to many  you always need people to look up to and I believe for many the royal family who do work hard represent strength, determination and hold up many british values.


I do think however that the monarchy are becoming out of touch with your average man I would like to see the monarchy modernised made to see what life is really like for the common man and would like to see them play a larger role in the day to day running of the country .

I believe the monarchy should once again be educated in matters of state  politics etc and be able to advise goverment in a more influential way. I feel they work hard attending functions the royal families schedule alone is crazy but I would like to see them play a larger and more responsible role . I would have them advise goverment on many issues be able to voice opinions in world matters and also local matters .  Basicallly I would like to see them have more power /responsibility that they had in the past  but obviously still with govermental control.

Why is this idea important?

If we abolish the monarchy we lose part of out history our herritage and also part of  what other countries see as an important thing it is also something which makes us unique. but I think modernising the monarchy is essential making sure they have knowledge and can play an active role in the countries running and not just attending functions and following  traditions in name only. I think the monrachy could be more useful . and could help suustain our countries values traditions with more validity and strength if the two traditions of goverment and monarch were to merge in some way.

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