I've got an idea that will bring millions into the government pockets. How about stopping the self-employed people pay tax and NI. I have a group of about ten friends, of which I am the only one who is on PAYE. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM fiddles their tax returns, in fact they earn much more than me and still pay less tax and MUCH less NI. They explait the loop-hole which means that they work for the same company, in the same place, doing the the same job and they still manage to stay self-employed. Take on of my "friends" he's a pipe-welder working in the same factory every single day, earns around 70K per year and pays 20% tax and about £4.00 per week NI. OK so he doesnt get sick pay or holiday, but do the maths. Also being self-employed his employer is robbing me and you. My employer has to pay employees NI which I think is about 12%, so how unfair is that. Just to let you know how completely ridiculously easy it is to send fake invoices and receipts through the tax system – type it on an Excel spreadsheet and send it to an accoutant – there easy as that no receipts are EVER asked for. I urge the government to look into this farce and tackle it immediately. Either by increasing substantially the amount of people who get checked, or get rid of the self-employed system as it is and you will raise BILLIONS in cheated tax and NI. By the way before you say it no I wont grass them up individually – and thats the problem.

Why is this idea important?

By closing this loop-hole tt will be fairer as people will be paying equal amounts of tax and NI, and so will employers. It could creat some jobs – have more people checking tax returns IN DETAIL by requiring receipts and invocies to be sent with the return and to be checked more frequently. There you go – without much work the government could raise a lot of money and leave us PAYE workers alone. thanks

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