Responsible landlords in the private rental sector who are members of an approved accreditation scheme should be subject to self regulation; rather than regulation by the Local Authority. The Residential Landlords Association has prepared a detailed paper on this which is available on its website at It is stressed that landlords subject to self regulation would have to observe the same legal requirements as any other landlord. Allowing more responsible landlords to self regulate would mean that Local Authorities could concentrate their limited resources on landlords who do a disservice to the private rented sector and its tenants”. Self regulated landlords would then be exempt from both house in multiple occupation licensing (including additional licensing) and selective licensing. It is impossible for Local Authorities to ever have the resources to properly police the private rented sector. The only way that this can be done is to allow the Local Authorities to concentrate their activities on less responsible landlords. Any accreditation scheme would have to be vetted. Some properties would be inspected to ensure compliance.

Local authorities are concerned about the implementation of such a proposal because of the impact of their statutory duties in relation to the Housing Health and Safety Rating system under the Housing Act 2004.  As indicated in our detailed paper on this subject, we believe that there are already measures on the statute book which enable the making of regulations to give a legislative under pinning to the system of self regulation.  Furthermore, orders can be made under the Housing Act 2004 to exempt accredited landlords from licensing of houses in multiple occupation/selective licensing.  There is already a precedent for this anyway in the case of mandatory HMO licensing where adherence to a Code of Practice on the part of educational providers is sufficient for them to obtain exemption from the requirement for an HMO owned/controlled by them to be licensed.

Why is this idea important?

It will benefit many landlords in the private rented sector and save local government expenditure without diminising protecion for tenants

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