Privatise Driving tests, raise income and save money at the same time. No loss of standards or service. Bring private sector flexibility to the testing, administration and booking of all types of Driving tests, Instructor training and supervision. Close down the Driving Standards Agency and move the Regulation to the Dept of Transport. Driving Examiners would be employed by private companies and businesses who would be able to offer a standardised and regulated test to the public and their employees. The LGV/PSV and a combined Theory test could be discharged by approved and monitored organisations. Motorcycle testing and Training could be offered by the existing Approved Training bodies. Special needs tests could be done at Motability centres. Just like the MOT is done now. The infrastructure is already in place, it would expand as the private sector responded to demand. Many Large organisations would welcome the chance to take it over, BSM and the like.

Why is this idea important?

Reduce public expenditure. Improve and widen the choice to business and individuals. Create more jobs in the private sector. The monopoly by the Driving Standards Agency cannot be justified. The uniform standards required can be met by approved suppliers. Just like the MOT.

The opportuninty to close a bloated DSA Quango and return the regulation to a small core of regulators at the Department of Transport. Will save an enormous amount with no loss of service. Regulators fees would be met by the organisation being supervised or approved.

"Its a no brainer"

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