The government should pay attention to the recommendations of the drug advisory council and be seen to act on their advice, after all they are the experts. I am fully aware that the prohibitive drug laws we have today were definitely NOT put in place for the protection of the public but were introduced in the 1920s as a political means of controlling the "free thinkers" who were seen as a threat to the establishment. Likewise the USA brought in drug laws referring to cannabis purely as a response to intense lobbying from logging companies who feared that hemp would take over as a source for paper production and put them out of business – they could not possibly compete with hemp as it converts sunlight to biomass more efficiently than any other plant. I therefore put it to you that the drug classification system is pure hypocrisy and founded on political gain rather than health reasons. I have suffered the effects of the criminal law during the 1970s when I was a young man for possession of cannabis resulting in my prospective college denying me a place so my education was terminated! The punishment should fit the crime and the smoking of cannabis in the privacy of your own home should not warrant the door being kicked in, the wife and kids in tears and ones employment under threat. I might add that I am still a cannabis smoker and have been for 40 years. I feel fine, am mentally well adjusted and have a senior position within a successful company, I'm trusted by many. By all means keep the dangerous drugs such as Heroin and Cocaine seriously regulated but it's time to give cannabis a break as millions of people in the UK smoke the stuff regularly, they don't cause trouble in city centres at closing time and in fact you wouldn't even know one if he was sitting next to you at dinner 

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important as the government is not paying attention to advisory panels on this subject and the reason for keeping the drug laws/classification as it is is purely political- there is no sound evidence that cannabis is harmful even though government after government has invested time and money into finding evidence that it is. It should be made a legal high and taxed as cigarettes are, thereby taking the money from the gangs and using it to benefit society. Believe you me LOTS of people in this country both smoke it and tolerate it without batting an eyelid. The government doesn't want to appear ignorant does it? Times have changed and a little tolerance and personal freedom is required, don't worry about the Daily Mail, it's a dinosaur newspaper!

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