I have been unemployed for over two years and because of this I now have a poor credit rating. I have been posted as a defaulter on a register compiled and maintained by Experian and others like them.  And even though I am in a debt management  programme I have been told that this posting will stay on my file for six years after the money has been paid back and the debt/s cleared?

As I work in the field of Information Technology the Credit Checks that the last Government entitled potential employers to request has kept, and is continuing to keep me from earning a living. This law which is an infringement into my private affairs is keeping me out of work.

Because now not only are all the Banks requesting and being allowed to obtain this information on UK citizens, but also any company that does any kind of work for them are being told by the Banks they must make these checks on any of their potential employees before offering them work.

The same applies to CRB checks. A person could have committed a minor infringement of the law decades ago yet  this millstone around their necks will hamper their achievements for the rest of their lives.

After 13 years of thoughtless and draconian laws being passed by some who’s own behaviour and moral compass is very dubious has reached ridiculous and epic proportions

I am 58 years of age and of mixed race and I do not need any more barriers than already exist to me getting back in work and off benefits. I am sure the above must apply  to millions of other people in Britain today who are currently out of work and being forced to claim state subsistence.

Why is this idea important?

Because millions of people are out of work and claiming benefits. The current law on CRB, Security and Credits Checks is preventing hundreds of thousands of people from getting back into work and off state benefits.

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