Repeal all laws that limit freedom of speech and freedom to read any written material. This to include all prohibitions on any aspect of 'incitement' , 'encouraging', and 'causing offence'.Outside of protecting children,It is not for the state to control what I read or say. 

Repeal the new regulations which means  an innocent citizen cannot recover all the costs they incur (legal plus other) when defending themselves. All accused should be completely reimbursed  for all costs incurred when found innocent of committing an offence. 

Repeal all laws that make it near impossible/costly to have live music in a venue open to the public.

Repeal all Health and safety legislation –  and start again.

Repeal all laws that allows ministers and others in authority to change legislation passed by parliament – the so called Henry V111 clauses.

Repeal all laws that allow government functionaries the right to forcibly enter my home –  and start again.

Repeal all laws that demand  a citizen has to prove his innocence rather than the state prove them guilty.

Repeal ASBO legislation –  and start again, so that no one can be imprisoned based solely on hearsay evidence.

Repeal all employment legislation –  and start again, so that a more just and equitable system pertains. In order that employers do not feel that it is heads they lose and tails they lose and employees aren't encouraged to think that there is no penalty for vexatious claims.

Repeal Working Time Regulations – people should be free to work overtime if they wish. This single item was the biggest extra burden on business in the last 13 years.

Repeal the anti-smoking legislation so that if citizens want to meet in a public place to smoke then it should be no business of the state to intrude – particularly if it is a private club. Equally, there should be no obstacles put in the way of people who wish to open non-smoking establishments.

Repeal Data Protection Act. Keep a requirement on data holders to look after data, and keep a citizen’s right to their data and its fair handling, but eliminate the quango and licensing regime.

Repeal the Money laundering regulations. Requiring people to supply a passport and utility bill does not stop money laundering but does create a lot of extra cost in the system and is further theft of an individual's time by the state.

Remove recent over the top regulation of herbal medicines.

Opt out of Food Supplements Directive.

Restore statutory dismissal procedures to pre 2000 position.

Restore social chapter opt out and define UK rules in these areas.

Repeal compulsory metrication.

Combine disclosure to the Inland Revenue and Companies House for smaller companies – one form fits all
Repeal IR 35.

Abolish Best Value regime for local government

Abolish Comprehensive Performance Assessment regime for Councils.

Abolish Regional Housing Boards and regional targets and Abolish Regional Development Agencies.

Repeal Legislative and Regulatory reform Act.

Amend Waste Incineration Regulations 2002 to allow more recycling

Repeal Investigatory powers Act 2000 – too intrusive.

Repeal Charities Act 2006 – too bureaucratic.

Repeal Labour’s Terrorism Acts and replace with simpler system which damages the civil liberties of the innocent majority less.

Repeal 'one size fits all' motorway speed limits. Why is there the the same limit at 10.00am in the busy morning rush as 3.00am in the middle of the night?

Repeal the SI requiring 11 million people to have CRB checks before helping children.


Why is this idea important?

The above programme will restore many of the freedoms taken away from us in the last decade. Hopefully, it will engender a feeling of liberation, free of fear from an overbearing state and having to answer to  the increasing number of functionaries required to control near every aspect of our lives. Who knows? perhaps we can start taking responsibilty for our own lives again.

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